Welcome to ATOMNEWS GAZETTE and Changing World Observations by Zeke Vawn.

Obviously, there’s a great deal going on out there in America, and I’m here to help you make sense of it with a bit of sound logic, reasoning, and worldly observation.

But, you know, sometimes we first just need to sit back over a warm cup of joe or coco, and just chill a little while watching the doers of the world make fools of themselves; and just laugh at little.

For in the super grand scheme of it all, 500 years from now, the output from our little minds wouldn’t have made so much as a dent in the grand masters illustrious plan.

So hey, just casually read my observations, based on reality of course; and then watch the landscape fade into the background; and scene one slowly begins.

The Wisdom of Zeke

The stars say it all; For ambition isn’t measured in the greatness of the effort…but how we valiantly rose to the occasion, one step at a time.

Zeke Vawn

It’s your choice, day to day, in how you seize your destiny. And what small deeds you render to others is the reward waiting at the end.

Zeke Vawn

It’s better not to follow the lead of others, for you never know what tragedy waits at the end.

Zeke Vawn

Voting Wisdom: Don’t believe any of what you hear, or half of what you see. Through a man’s works and actions you know what defines him. Follow not the advice of others, but think independent from the crowd. For in the crowd lurk deceivers, to lead you astray from truth! Zeke Vawn

Find what greatness lies within!

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